May 22, 2017

Website Design and Development

From conceptualization to strategic design and implementation, Elsevier Digital Services builds and designs premium websites for diverse businesses and organizations. Our skilled web development and designing team is ready to make things happen!
Using the latest in open source content management systems, our web designers know the best design techniques to help users focus the eye and produce consistency and credibility in your brand, such as:

• Mix of static and dynamic content
• Well thought-out color palette
• Engaging images and video
• Suitable typefaces
• Straightforward navigation
• Fast load time
• Grid-based layouts
Designers make your site attractive, developers make your site function. From enticing call-to action to social media integration, we offer numerous intuitive features to engage your visitors with your website. Our ability to choose from any platforms or technology and willingness to adapt means our customers get the most unique outcome.